Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions. If you have further questions, not covered below, then please feel free to contact us on twitter, facebook, or by email and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Do you have to be a member to travel on the branch coach to home and away games?

SAFCSA Coxhoe Branch, like all other branches police their own coach so yes, you must be a member of the branch to travel on any branch coach and must abide by the rules of the Branch.

Can you bring alcohol on away and home coaches?

SAFCSA Coxhoe Branch must abide at all times to the rules for football coaches attending football matches. The rules define that no alcohol is allowed on or be consumed on any coaches to away and home games.

Do you have any alternative departure points for away travel?

We can pick up at Lees Coach depot in Langley Moor. Any other requests will be given consideration depending on the passenger total and if not a major detour away from our normal route.

Do you know of any branches close to me that may have transport to home or away games?

If we cannot accommodate you then please refer to the BLC list of official branches, alternatively post a message on the BLC Facebook page, contact the Branch Liaison Council via email;, or contact Chris Waters (SAFC Supporters Liaison Officer) via email;

Do you stop anywhere before arriving at away grounds for food and refreshments?

SAFCSA Coxhoe Branch work closely with the Northumbria Police  Football Intelligence Unit and local away FI police to get permission to call at chosen pubs and clubs throughout the UK. The branch has a list of favourite pubs that we usually call into before most away games in that area. We usually arrive early to provide at least 2 hours of time inside the pub. We do not stop at any pubs or clubs on our way back as we return directly home after each match.